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How do I use – Publish Hyperlinks site?

To start, go to the submit page and type the content you wish to publish in the large textbox. This can be a list of links, just text or a mixture of both.

Below this are four options:
Visibility – controls whether search engines can see your submission and whether a password is needed to access.
Link Options – controls the appearance of each link, they can be displayed as they are written or they can be tidied up into numbers, references or icons.
Referrer Info – controls whether the destination sites should be able to see that their users have come from your submission.
Passcode – allows a lengthy passcode to be set, giving you the ability to change the visibility options at any time, change the access password and attribute your submissions to yourself. If you use the same passcode twice the submissions will be linked – a way of proving that the same person created each one. Make sure your passcode is written down and kept safe.

Then simply check the box to show you are not a robot and press publish and your paste has been created. Copy the address at the top of the window to view it anytime and share it to allow others to do the same.

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